Alternative to Buy Here Pay Here in Lewisburg

When it comes to shopping for a new or used vehicle, there is enough stress to go around. Beyond choosing a style, color, and manufacturer, affording your new vehicle can be as much or great stress than everything else combined. That is why it's important to choose a great financing source, regardless of your credit score. The experts at Dr. Credit have experience with working with every credit score imaginable. That being said, they can't always promise to finance, but they can promise you that they will go the extra mile and exhaust every option on their way to doing so.

We Understand That Life Happens

For many people, perfect credit is nothing more than a daydream. In a volatile world and a difficult economy, there are many things that can happen that make you miss or be late on payments at any given time. At Dr. Credit and Russell Barnett Kia, they believe that bad credit shouldn't be a life-long punishment. That is why, no matter what your credit score is and why it is that way, they will work with you throughout the entire financing process from start to finish.

Russell Barnett Kia

When it comes to automotive dealerships, once in a while you are lucky enough to find one that cares about your credit, not just their ability to sell you a car, but the ability of you to improve your credit in the process. That is why the professionals at Russell Barnett Kia have teamed up with Dr. Credit in order to get you great financing and a quality dependable vehicle. So if you are tired of being turned down, take the trip to Russell Barnett Kia and see all that they can do for you today. We are a great place to find used cars and bad credit auto loans near Lewisburg, TN.