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If you are having trouble finding a credit source for your next new or used vehicle due to some unforeseen issue with your credit in Murfreesboro, then you need to take the short drive to Tullahoma and work with the experts at Dr. Credit. They have the experience working with people with a wide variety of credit issues and scores and have access to lenders willing to work with you. So stop by the lot of Russell Barnett Kia, and see what kind of vehicle may be in your future today.

Bad Credit? No Problem

Unfortunately, many people throughout the United States have experienced a negative credit score for something. Whether that issue was unforeseen or expected, it makes no difference. Working, playing, and living requires a vehicle or access to reliable transportation. For some people, the issue may not even be a fault of their own. No matter what issue you may be experiencing, be it bankruptcy, a low credit score, or any other issue, Dr. Credit will go the extra mile for you and work diligently to find you a line of credit on a great new vehicle.

Russell Barnett Kia, the Home of Dr. Credit

While many automotive dealerships have a financing department, not all of them are created equally. That is why the relationship between Dr. Credit and Russell Barnett Kia of Tullahoma Tennessee is so special. They work hand in hand to ensure that you not only get a line of credit, but you get a high quality, dependable vehicle, sure to surpass not only your needs but your expectations as well. So when it comes to credit and cars, there is always a silver lining when you work with Dr. Credit and Russell Barnett Kia.  We are also a great place to get used cars and bad credit auto loans near Murfreesboro, TN.